Good Morning! I'm sitting in my Studio A (Sewing Room) and looking out over the bay of the lake we live on.  Although its cold, windy and snowy out today (April..I know right!) I still love where I live.  I placed a bird feeder right outside my window too so am visited daily by many different birds...especially cardinals.  Those cardinals mean something very special to me as they are supposedly to represent family members or close friends that have already departed this earth.  I have a male and female that are here daily..I want to believe its a visit from my Daddy and Sis who left this earth 2 1/2 years ago 1 day apart.  Talk about a double whammy!  It has taken quite awhile to get back to a "normal" existence, obviously a new norm.  But actually this was a triple whammy as we had not choice but to put my mom in a nursing home for Alzheimers three weeks before.  So these
"visits" from these beautiful vibrant cardinals mean the world to me.  They make me smile…
I’m Baaaacccckkk! So excited as it’s a whole different time in my life.  We’ve moved to “where we would vacation” THE LAKE! We live in the country where we can fish everyday, see wildlife out our windows, and just plain relax.  I’m crafting..mostly sewing everyday I’m home! I’m still a flight attendant but have backed off flying to 9-12 days a month.  We are debt free and loving our simple lifestyle.  I’m opening my Etsy shop again and will post soon about that.  My life is crazy full but of all good things! I’ve got lots to say so make yourself a cup of tea or grab a “pop” and hang out with me often!  I’ll be back again soon! Have a great week!