Monday, November 30, 2009

And another

Mr. Cardinal Indy. Too tweet, huh? It's a Pincushion.

Another design...

Mr. Hooty!

A month later....

Yes I am back and WOW have I gotten alot of things done and made alot of new things..I've relearned how to knit (thank you Stephan) and I have done some of my own designs into creations for the kids. (thank you Don for helping enlarge the designs) I've opened an antique booth and am selling alot on Etsy. Last night I started sewing the grandkids (13) pjs for xmas. It started years ago and now is a tradition to get to open their jammies the night before our xmas when the kids come here to stay. Some time we are going to have all of them but with one family living in Colorado its hard to do. I'll post some pics of my creations as I finish them. Happy December!!!