Monday, February 8, 2010

Can't Believe it's February

This is incredible to me, it's February already and not only that my baby girl turned 31 yesterday. Time really does fly. I did get alot DONE in January but best of all I got my taxes done! And then last night I finished my recurrent training for work. It's yearly and I have to pass it to keep my JOB which I really do enjoy. So now it's on to getting my parents home (my husband is driving them from Florida as I write). They've decided to sell their place down there and move back full time. It'll be great to have them home but definitely more responsibility on my part. I hope to get my valentines done tomorrow morning and in the mail, then on to the folks house to get it ready for their arrival. I'm sure my brother will have done some too. Not alot of time to work on stuff this week but starting next week I will. Sometimes life is like that so I will wait patiently till I can PLAY!

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