Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1

So many friends have wanted me to start a blog to hear about all I do. Well friends, here it is! I'm currently sitting in a hotel in San Francisco on an a.m. trip! (For those of you who know I only do p.m.'s don't fall off your chair, it worked well with my sis going back home to Phoenix and my DH coming home on Thursday) I am looking out over the water. What an incredible site. Lately I haven't gotten a whole lot done in my studio but with this blog I plan on keeping myself held accountable to YOU and promise to finish one project a week. (for those of you not understanding any of the above, I am a flight attendant and work ALOT so am gone much of the week. Plus I have so many projects I haven't finished...I could be called the Queen of Unfinished Projects) So here I am QUP ready to own up and finish...I am much better at buying all I need to finish a project than to actually FINISH the project. WELL, NO MORE BUYING JUST FINISHING!!! The first project is a set of curtains for my son and his wife. They are white with embroidered starbursts. They are embroidered on my sewing machine and for every panel have anywhere from 60-80 starbursts...it takes awhile. Plus I can't really do anything else while my sewing machine is going so I just sit there and change out the hoop time after time after time. Sooo As soon as I can get back home I will take a picture and show you how far I am. I have lots to share and lots to do so you won't get bored...hang out with me and maybe we can finish a project together.. until tomorrow (and no projects done until I get home on Friday)

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