Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm getting there

I've been sewing and sewing and crafting and crafting. It's been great but I'm pooped! The workouts this week have been wonderful altho I missed today. DH had a dentist appt and I had a hair appt and it just didnt work to go. But I'm done with all 13 grandkids jammies and many other gifts. I have one more full day at home tomorrow then Friday a doctor appt and then off to work. So tomorrow is it! Gotta have it ALL done. Had great news today when I went to my booth. I had sold ALOT!! I'm so excited. And I've been selling alot on Etsy too. That makes it so much fun. I hope to have my two "booths" be able to completely support my crafty side of me and all my gift giving/vacationing. It can be done and I will do it!! Last month in only the 9 days I had my booth I made $17 over my booth cost. This month so far I've doubled what my booth costs so I'm on my way! Life is good so I'm gonna go sleep on it all. Night!

Monday, November 30, 2009

And another

Mr. Cardinal Indy. Too tweet, huh? It's a Pincushion.

Another design...

Mr. Hooty!

A month later....

Yes I am back and WOW have I gotten alot of things done and made alot of new things..I've relearned how to knit (thank you Stephan) and I have done some of my own designs into creations for the kids. (thank you Don for helping enlarge the designs) I've opened an antique booth and am selling alot on Etsy. Last night I started sewing the grandkids (13) pjs for xmas. It started years ago and now is a tradition to get to open their jammies the night before our xmas when the kids come here to stay. Some time we are going to have all of them but with one family living in Colorado its hard to do. I'll post some pics of my creations as I finish them. Happy December!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

getting things done

well I've been busy, but its from bed...headache,neckache, etc but I am doing some things. I got my sweepstakes all caught up, went thru all my magazines, and emails, and knitted three hats last night..on to more if I can keep my head up

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Can't believe it's been a month since I've written! I've at least finished some projects so I guess that's a great sign. The curtains for over the sink at my son's house are done! Give me a GO GIRL for that one! Also have started on some Christmas presents. With my big family I have to start early! I'm loving the weather and right now am waiting to be picked up in Denver by my daughter as we are spending the weekend in the mountains with her family. Very excited to do this as I've never stayed in a cabin and gotten to fish etc. It will be fun. I did complete a very healthy month of working and also we went on our dream vacation of an Alaskan cruise. We had a great time and now Don can say he's been to every state in the grand ol USA! I highly recommend it. We had a blast and it was beyond beautiful. Till next time....Stay Calm

Monday, August 17, 2009


Had to work the last couple of days but did an a.m. trip so got home tonight and my DH fixed supper (yummy fish, honey, thx) and I'm finishing the embroidery on the curtains! Woohoo! Next will be to cut them and sew them to the measurements my DIL gave me. Can't wait to finish and that will be one finished project done! Woohoo!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's been good to be home a couple of days. Yesterday I got to go fishing and have my grandsons over! We had a great time and ate pizza and ice cream and watched Race To Witch Mountain. They hadnt seen it yet and I hadn't seen it all the way through. They really liked it. Today I went to the thrift store in town and found a couple of things but my big take was from a garage sale that I found an awesome vintage pyrex dish. This one I'm gonna keep. It's too cool and goes with my kitchen. Tonight I'm working on the curtains...lots further along but not done so won't finish until next weekend since I'm working the next 5 days straight.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 2

Still on the road and I'm itching to get home tomorrow and sew. I will do a few starbursts tomorrow night on the curtain and my goal (shout it out!) is to have this set of curtains done by Saturday night (altho my other DIL wants me to go to the beach on Saturday..hmmm..) but no I will stick by this goal. Til then...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1

So many friends have wanted me to start a blog to hear about all I do. Well friends, here it is! I'm currently sitting in a hotel in San Francisco on an a.m. trip! (For those of you who know I only do p.m.'s don't fall off your chair, it worked well with my sis going back home to Phoenix and my DH coming home on Thursday) I am looking out over the water. What an incredible site. Lately I haven't gotten a whole lot done in my studio but with this blog I plan on keeping myself held accountable to YOU and promise to finish one project a week. (for those of you not understanding any of the above, I am a flight attendant and work ALOT so am gone much of the week. Plus I have so many projects I haven't finished...I could be called the Queen of Unfinished Projects) So here I am QUP ready to own up and finish...I am much better at buying all I need to finish a project than to actually FINISH the project. WELL, NO MORE BUYING JUST FINISHING!!! The first project is a set of curtains for my son and his wife. They are white with embroidered starbursts. They are embroidered on my sewing machine and for every panel have anywhere from 60-80 takes awhile. Plus I can't really do anything else while my sewing machine is going so I just sit there and change out the hoop time after time after time. Sooo As soon as I can get back home I will take a picture and show you how far I am. I have lots to share and lots to do so you won't get bored...hang out with me and maybe we can finish a project together.. until tomorrow (and no projects done until I get home on Friday)